VADSØ – ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD you find Vadsø. A town of 5000 inhabitants surrounded by endless nature. To the south the Varanger fjord. Being the only fjord opening towards east, the light throughout the year is like no other place. To the west, the inner end of the fjord with the low birch forrests of Varanger. To the north, the endless Varanger widths with meandering hills describing the rocky ice age terrain. To the east, the bare, gently-stepped land-rise landscape meeting the fjord. No trees – only hardy lichen clinging to the stones. During summer the sun never sets. During winter the Aurora dances over the dark sky.

These unique surroundings guide the concept “Meandering Horizontals” and are the inspiration for the design of Varanger Hotell.

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Design team:
Zoe – Yan Zou
Kathrine Galtung
David Oliveira
Ralph Endemann
Bianca Suárez Steckelmacher
Hallstein Guthu