OSLO – Designed in 1913 by the Architect Erling Willi Nielsen (1877-1943) and after extended in 1921, this jugend pearl expresses the splendour of the Art Nouveau. This style was represented through decoration in curving forms, based on flowers, plants or animals.

The interior spaces of the villa – their use and flow – are the main focus in this project. The client wishes to develop a new, more appropriate floor plan for their home. Among other things, the residence has a number of under-utilized living spaces and too little kitchen space.

After a closer analyses of the history of Art Nouveau style, our approach is based on the original plan solution from 1913, thereby optimized to suit the client’s needs in everyday life. All the new interventions such as the proposed kitchen or the doors were designed in order to keep a distinction between the old and the new contemporary elements. Thus respecting and conserving the history of the house, as well as facilitating enough conditions for the contemporary lifestyle.

In collaboration with
Dagny Fargestudio

Design team:
David Oliveira
Ralph Endemann
Hallstein Guthu