The Ocean gives, and the Ocean takes.

SØRØYA – A Circle is a place in Hasvik on Sørøya far north-west in Norway. Exposed to the Norwegian Sea with the Bear Island as the nearest neighbour to the north, the island houses about 1.100 people of 26 different nationalities. The waters around the island are famous for the big fish: cod, halibut, and wolffish. Tourism is growing and Hasvik needs a versatile space open for everyone. To meet up with fellow islanders. To host festivals. To wait for the ferry. To celebrate the 26 national days. To bbq. To contemplate. To stay. To be.

The design of A Circle takes inspiration from local culture, materials, and technologies. It connects land and water. Changing appearance with the tides. The almost black rocks used for wave breakers here form the foundations. It is laid out in a gradient pattern: large rocks out in the water, medium size stones on the beach, and fine gravel in the grass. On this foundation, the wooden structure built like fish drying racks is erected and clad with the jute used for packing fish heads sent off to the southern coasts.

In the winter A Circle is a glowing ring visible from the town, the ferry, and the aeroplanes landing and taking off from the HAA-airport.

Design team:
Zoe – Yan Zou
Hallstein Guthu